A Precarious Worker-Student Alliance in Xi’s China

Jenny CHAN, 2020

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

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"How did workers and students defend trade union rights at Jasic Tech- nology based in Shenzhen beginning from summer 2018? When worker leaders faced managerial retaliation and police brutality, a group of young Maoists and Marxists composed primarily of Chinese univer- sity students and recent graduates, formed the Jasic Workers Support Group. As it evolved, the widening crackdown on left-wing student associations, labor rights groups, and social service organizations exem- plified deepening state repression through 2019. The worker-student alliance as illustrated by the case of Jasic, while precarious and short- lived, reignited a century-long Chinese revolutionary legacy. It also offers a rare glimpse of a contemporary transnational labor and student network."


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A Precarious Worker-Student Alliance in Xi’s China